Unfortunately for the time being, we have none. Currently licensed cannabis retail stores in BC cannot ship anything for sale to consumers. As much as we would love to deliver at this time the best we can do is offer a smooth, safe, and comfortable online ordering experience. 

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Sometimes in retail things don't go quite as expected. We are here to provide you with the help you need when a product needs to be returned. Below are some things to know both when making your initial purchase, and should you ever need to return a product. For answers to more specific questions, please view our FAQ page, or contact us directly

Original Receipt

The BCLBD will not accept a return without the original receipt. Please ensure you receive a receipt at the time of purchase. Creating a customer account and requesting your purchases to be recorded under it is a helpful way for us to support any return requests you may have. 

15 Day Return Window

We are only able to accept returns within 15 days of the purchase. Returns outside of this window will not be accepted by the BCLDB and will not be processed.

Faulty Product Only

If the excise sticker (on all THC products purchase at Marigolds) on your product has been broken we will only accept a return if the product has a manufacturer defect. 


Please ensure you are purchasing the product you want as we have no way to return opened product unless there is a clear manufacture defect.  


We currently accept in-store payment via CDN cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Interac only. Online orders must be paid for in-store at the time of pickup.