Weed Delivery - How to Order Cannabis Online

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Theoretically ordering weed online is a dream come true. You pull out your phone while watching a show, make your order and within an hour or two your have delicious fresh, cannabis exactly how you like it, and all for an outstanding price!

Unfortunately in British Columbia, we aren't quite there yet.

Keep reading for a quick breakdown of the online ordering situation in BC, or click here to skip to the bottom for "the answer"

Option One - Click and Collect

Whip out your phone, type in cannabis retail near me and make your selection from the number of wonderful and friendly stores in your area. If you don't have one close by, or live/work in the Gastown area, we'd love for you to stop by Marigolds.

In BC the only legal online ordering available other than the government website is to place your order online or over the phone, and then to pickup at a physical location.

As an example, when ordering online with us you'll be able to see an updated menu, and connect with us by phone, email, or google message to ask us questions about products such as package dates, THC/CBD percentages, and to get more information about the strain/producer.

Option Two - BC Cannabis Stores

In BC, the government has decided that the only legal way to purchase recreational cannabis for delivery is through the provincial website. As the sole distributor of cannabis in the province the BC Cannabis Stores website has first access to all product and often offers reasonable prices.

Ordering for delivery can sometimes be convenient, but on top of waiting for product to arrive, not knowing the specific THC/CBD percentages or packaging dates (they still sell up to 12 months old), and having to pay for shipping, the whole proposition is less than ideal.

Option Three - Illicit Delivery


Sounds too good to be true? Unfortunately it still is. While we are paving the way for a more competitive landscape, it turns out not following the law makes for a compelling illicit delivery market in BC.

While we can't approve, we understand the appeal. Of course we are going to urge your to support stores like us and follow the law, but, we are in the business of selling weed, not judgement.

Click here for more information and what's legal and what isn't when it comes to cannabis

"The Answer"

At the end of the day we think we've hit a sweet spot of being able to offer a competitive mix of service, product selection, quality, convenience, and safety.

Buying from a local retailer is the best way to help transition the market forward into the legalization.

Click and Collect is the most competitive to the other two options when it comes to service and safety! If price and quality are what you are after, give us a ring or pop by the store and we will walk you through our product mix based on your preferences.

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